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John C. Dvorak
PC Magazine
”PixWizard is not only blazingly fast, it also has most of the normal editing, batch conversions, and picture manipulation features you need for digital photography...It does superb slide slows and produces excellent Web slide shows.  And it is a great screen capture program!”

John C. Dvorak
PC Magazine
”Another great viewer comes from the Yee brothers in Boston. There are two versions, one for OS/2 and one for Windows...Both do
JPEG as well as the normal array (.GIF, .TIFF, and so on) of file viewing and tweaking. The program even creates a batch file of image
files and converts them all to JPEG. This is an outstanding product with an excellent look and feel.”

Esther Schindler
OS/2 Magazine
"...when I download an interesting graphic file from CompuServe and want a peek, it's PMJPEG that I click on's one of the best
bargains on the block

Chris Dickman
Windows User Magazine
" an inexpensive program that provides a surprisingly rich set of file display, manipulation and compression abilities. Not only
can it import, display, and export JPEG, Targa, GIF or Windows BMP images, but it can rotate, flip and resize them, as well as perform
rudimentary color adjustments. Perhaps most intriguing is a batch feature that converts multiple GIF or Targa files to the JFIF variant of
JPEG...surprisingly fast, inexpensive shareware..."

Maxine Senn-Yuen
OS/2 Warp Monthly Newsletter
" a native 32-bit PM application that operates quite well even with limited system resources...This software is more than just
a fancy image viewer. It can also perform some pretty sophisticated graphic functions..."

TUCOWS Rates PMJPEG with 5 out of 5 Cows!


"PixWizard is a powerful program with a lot to offer”

FileDudes Rates PixWizard with 5 out of 5 Dudes!
 “Very good image manager with news retrieving capabilities”

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